About Arbor Apothecary

Arbor Apothecary is a PPE storefront created by the team at Adaptive Energy, a fuel cell manufacturer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We pivoted from fuel cell manufacturing to making PPE when we realized that our resources — supply chain relationships, heavy equipment, manufacturing space and some of Michigan’s best engineers — could make a difference in protecting our community.


We started with 8-ounce hand sanitizers, sourcing raw materials from Michigan suppliers to make 11,000 bottles in a few days. Most of these we donated locally, including to Detroit Public Schools for use at free lunch pickup points. The rest we sold, at pre-pandemic prices, until we ran out of raw materials.


Now we’re producing: 

  • medical face shields, using the open-source design from the University of Wisconsin Makerspace project 
  • HealthHandle touchless door openers in copper or plastic, both antimicrobial 
  • 80% alcohol hand sanitizing liquid in 128-ounce jugs, using the WHO formulation
  • reusable acrylic intubation boxes, using open source designs from an anesthesiologist in Taiwan 


Since we started in late March, we’ve produced or distributed more than 11 million pieces of PPE. This work has allowed us to keep our team of 30 in Ann Arbor fully employed throughout this pandemic, and we’re really proud of that.


Supporting those in need is important to us, and we donate as much product as we can locally and around the country. If you know an organization that lacks the resources to buy the PPE they need, tell them to contact us. 


Need large quantities? Request a quote for a bulk order