Arbor Apothecary’s Donor Matching Program

Call for hospitals to list their Covid-19 PPE needs for one year. Call for donors to fund those needs.

We’re working with large corporate and philanthropic donors that want to support frontline health workers in the fight against Covid-19 by donating the number of medical face shields, acrylic intubation boxes and hand sanitizer those hospitals need for one year.

We’ll match donors with recipients, and donors will then make a restricted, tax-deductible donation directly to the hospital, with funds earmarked for purchase of supplies from Arbor Apothecary and our partners. We will donate 10% of the product alongside each monetary donation.


We’ve been inundated with requests for help and will match donors with recipients as quickly as possible. Please allow 7 days to hear from us on next steps. If you have questions in the meantime, email



This program is open to all nonprofit hospitals or hospital systems, with special consideration given to those in areas where the virus has been most prevalent and/or to those who serve at-risk populations. To be considered, you must submit a formal letter enumerating your specific equipment needs; this letter may be uploaded to the request form and will be used by the donor to verify your needs.

If your hospital is interested in receiving donations, please submit this request form.



We welcome all donors above $10,000 to join this initiative. You may donate to cover the needs of many hospitals or for part of one. We appreciate your generosity.

If you would like to donate, please submit this form.